Forgotten places of SL 2 The Gulf

Second Life has an active aviation community, and the Second Life Airmanship blog is a good resource for information with no drama or self-referential filler. Just info about cool planes, how to fly in SL, and nice places to fly TO.

Second life Airmenship

It has been a long weekend, you may be sitting around bored wondering what to do sick of being slapped by sim crossings or trying to pretend the latest Drama in the sailing community has not happened. (More on this later this week)  How about venting your frustrations with some war games? And where better to enjoy a a few war games better than the Gulf?  Even if you are not into war games This is an amazing area with plenty to see ant to visit and explore Many aviators in SL forget this place exists or just avoid it but you are missing out. so Lets all out on our combat boots and helmets and visit the gulf.

WW2 central

First and foremost the gulf is a World War 2 combat zone so you better come prepared. Of you don’t have combat gear your first stop should be WW2…

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The Nebulae! @ Multiverse!


Ohhhh boy, I am so excited about this!

First, I just want to thank everyone who has been patient while I was so involved with other projects. Bright Metallic recently had a huuuge server update (created by Thohi Torok, my favorite script wizard) that was a long time coming and took up the majority of my available time, and rather than rush to finish new releases for The Nebulae! and risking a quality I was unhappy with, my hiatus got stretched longer than I would have liked.

I’m still working on getting everything up on the MP, and the main store moved a little bit. But for now…let’s get to the task at hand!

The first ever round of Multiverse, a sci-fi shopping event, is starting the 1st of March, and The Nebulae! has some new releases there! Introducing the BlOx Prototype Mobile IV System, and the first…

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