When Will Linden Lab Stop Involuntary Violence Against Women Avatars?

You can get bounced out of Second Life for using the wrong word to describe someone’s ethnicity or gender.  Don’t even think about violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

But pick your target, cam her, and wait until she’s using or adjusting scripted hardware, then invade her property, jump on a pose ball, use her furniture against her will to put you both in a sexual situation, call her degrading names – and Linden Labs does nothing.

I’ve blogged about this before.  It happened before, and nothing happened to those who did that to me, or when a griefer trapped my then-SL partner and me in a shootable cage, whipped out a large prim penis, and demanded we have sex with him.

I had hopes that somewhere along the line, Linden Lab would respond to violence and degrading conduct against women here in Second Life as firmly and decisively as it does to copyright violations.  But, no.  There’s no Digital Millenium Don’t Degrade Women Act.

I was working on a room in a rental property in a sim where I role-play, setting up scripted furniture, and on a pose ball testing adjustment (and yes, it was a sex pose), when – entirely uninvited – someone wearing a dark-skinned avatar ports in and jumps on the other pose ball.


The following exchange ensued in Nearby Chat:

[2017/07/22 02:08:58] BalokPrime: sup gurl
[2017/07/22 02:08:59] Patricia de Chenier (angelpatty): you’re in violation of sim rules
[2017/07/22 02:09:27] BalokPrime: What is dis “sim rules”?
[2017/07/22 02:09:46] Second Life: Now playing: Brand X Music – Daydream
[2017/07/22 02:10:01] Patricia de Chenier (angelpatty): the things that’ll get you banned for after an admin sees the pic I just took
[2017/07/22 02:10:12] Patricia de Chenier (angelpatty): get out.
[2017/07/22 02:10:18] BalokPrime: the pic of you sitting on my face?
[2017/07/22 02:10:21] Patricia de Chenier (angelpatty): this is my propety
[2017/07/22 02:10:34] BalokPrime: Than why was you sitting on my face?
[2017/07/22 02:10:46] Patricia de Chenier (angelpatty): no, the pic of you lying on my bed after I unassed it
[2017/07/22 02:11:18] Second Life: Now playing: Lorne Balfe – The Revelation
[2017/07/22 02:11:20] BalokPrime: So a pic of me lying in your bed after you sat on my face
[2017/07/22 02:12:21] BalokPrime: is you alright?
[2017/07/22 02:12:56] BalokPrime: come back to bed gurl
[2017/07/22 02:13:25] BalokPrime: maybe you like it better in the butt
[2017/07/22 02:13:31] BalokPrime: some hoes do

No idea what this person’s race or gender actually are.  We can see what BalokPrime wanted us to think, and I’m not playing that game, thanks.

Halfway through, he got naked.  LL has a picture of that in the Abuse Report I promptly filed.  At the end of the exchange, he left my property and muted me.  I called around for an admin for the sim I was in and reported the exchange.

The exchanges between other members of the sim I RP at, as closely I can put it together from Nearby Chat logs, were:

[2017/07/22 02:16:29] Patricia de Chenier (angelpatty): is an admin on?
[2017/07/22 02:16:42] TailBlue Resident: I am whast wrong?
[2017/07/22 02:17:45] Patricia de Chenier (angelpatty): intruder got in the Embassy when I was installing a bed, jumped on one of the pose balls and undressed
[2017/07/22 02:17:57] Patricia de Chenier (angelpatty): wouldn’t leave when I asked him
[2017/07/22 02:18:05] Stellar (tailblue): tp
[2017/07/22 02:18:19] Patricia de Chenier (angelpatty): took a shot ARed him to LL
[2017/07/22 02:18:24] Patricia de Chenier (angelpatty): he’s gone now
[2017/07/22 02:18:33] Stellar (tailblue): whats his name?
[2017/07/22 02:18:44] Patricia de Chenier (angelpatty): Balok Prime
[2017/07/22 02:18:45] TheHarley44 Resident: Get his login name, not just his display name.
[2017/07/22 02:19:17] Patricia de Chenier (angelpatty): How I about I give you a log and a snapshot?
[2017/07/22 02:19:24] Stellar (tailblue): That works
[2017/07/22 02:19:30] Patricia de Chenier (angelpatty): on it
[2017/07/22 02:20:08] Stellar (tailblue): Thanks.
[2017/07/22 02:20:24] TheHarley44 Resident: BalokPrime Resident?
[2017/07/22 02:24:25] Raven Valentine (vvvravenvvv): (( we have a troll and a greifer ))
[2017/07/22 02:24:30] Raven Valentine (vvvravenvvv): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bourbon/53/77/16
[2017/07/22 02:25:07] Raven Valentine (vvvravenvvv): secondlife:///app/agent/1dae7732-1a69-4b5a-a498-05cad3de80c0/about
[2017/07/22 02:25:24] Raven Valentine (vvvravenvvv): (( fully naked with silly over sized dick being a retarted ))
[2017/07/22 02:26:26] Patricia de Chenier (angelpatty): get a pic?
[2017/07/22 02:26:36] Raven Valentine (vvvravenvvv): stellar is here its good
[2017/07/22 02:26:39] Patricia de Chenier (angelpatty): ((he did that here in my embassy, too))

Another player I know went to where Raven Valentine, the sim admin Stellar and that same avatar (tagged BalokPrime) were assembled, in an adjoining sim.  He reports (but didn’t have his viewer set to record from Nearby Chat) that BalokPrime told the admin I sent him a teleport link (“TP”) to join me in my rental property.

I do non-sexual, science-fiction roleplay with players of all gender varieties, but no men who are not close friends with whom I have been RPing a while are invited in my residence without plenty of company – for nonsexual science-fiction RP.  My profile’s clear on the fact I don’t have sex with men.  I never have in the six and a half years I’ve been in Second Life.

I DID get this Email from the Linden Lab “Governance Team”:


Thank you for taking the time to report a possible violation of the Second Life Community Standards or Terms of Service. We are sorry to hear that you had an unpleasant encounter in-world. A member of the Governance team will review your report as soon as possible.

We know that you are eager to continue to enjoy your time in Second Life, but that you might also be curious about what will happen as a result of this report. Rest assured that our skilled team of Governance Lindens will give it a complete and thorough review, but due to our privacy policy they will be unable to disclose the outcome of their investigation. We work hard to ensure that the privacy of each Resident is protected.

If you would like some additional information on Abuse Reports, check out the Second Life Knowledge Base which has great information such as a Guide to Filing an Abuse Report and even a video on Reporting Abuse: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Guide_to_Filing_an_Abuse_Report

The Governance team at Linden Lab appreciates your assistance in keeping our world safe and enjoyable for everyone. We hope that your future encounters in-world are pleasant ones.

Best regards,

The Governance Team

It’s the same letter I and other women players get when someone cams them, waits until they get on scripted furniture, and then teleports in to effect a virtual rape.

The letter hasn’t changed in the six years since this first happened to me and, as we’ll see, neither has Linden Lab’s response to sexual griefing of women in Second Life.   “Boys will be boys, move on, nothing to see here… ”

I purposefully waited a month before posting this to give the Lindens time to act, just in case Linden Labs decided to astonish me and do something.

Not long ago, BalokPrime contacted that friend of mine who watched him bad-mouth me to others in IM, so BalokPrime is alive and well in Second Life, presumably doing to other women what he did to me – just like the others who did stuff to my avatar and my partner’s without our consent, demeaning us the while.

To some people this isn’t much.  An player invaded another player’s property and used scripted prims to put his avatar in sexual contact with another player’s avatar against her will and used demeaning language about her, while present in her rental property against her will. Then he told lies about her to cover up what he did.

But if you can be shown the door out of Second Life for being insensitive about another player’s nationality, gender or race, why isn’t it legitimate to show someone the way out for this?  At the very least, it’s griefing.

Demeaning language is a horrible thing that violates Second Life’s Terms of Service – unless it’s used about a woman in SL. Then, it’s allowable.

Linden Lab ignores what’s happening to Premium, paying customers when they’re women avatars.  Project Sansar has their full attention, while server latency, rezzing and inventory issues are progressively worse for the people who pay for work on Sansar and the Terms of Service are a joke.

This doesn’t bode well for women in Sansar when people like BalokPrime begin to have their special fun there.

Can’t wait to miss it.

UPDATE:  Someone in SL I’ve never met before IMed me to ask if I’ve heard anything more from BalokPrime, then told me BalokPrime threatened to look the person’s partner up in RL and hurt her after a disagreement they’d had in SL.   This person told me they’d filed an Abuse Report, as well.

Yet, we still have BalokPrime not just degrading women in SL, but reportedly escalating to threats of RL physical harm (according to what I was told by others inworld).

The Linden Lab Governance Team is enabling someone to have sick fun with other SLers, and (according to other people I’ve talked to) his behavior is escalating to threats of RL violence.  Why?  Need to see a coroner’s report?


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