Avatars Against Trump, Linden Labs, and the Travel Ban

It shouldn’t be a large surprise to anyone reading this blog (both of you, in all likelihood) that I am a libertarian on most issues.  That means I am a “social liberal” (won’t rush out and cut my throat for loving differently, nor do I expect others to do so), mostly, while also for a strong (but intelligently-funded and deployed) military defense and for government spending within its means.

Nor am I an admirer of Donald Trump.  I just despised the culture of criminal government Hillary Clinton was part and parcel of under Barack Obama and would have perpetuated had she been elected President.  And that’s the last you’ll hear from me on that.

I’ve heard everyone out I intend to on how bad Trump is.  Feel free to tell me about specific mistakes you think Trump’s made, but spare me the rest.  I can reconstruct most of it from my chat logs, believe me.

Linden Labs actually kept their remarks on the travel ban within those strictures, mostly. I’m skeptical, to say the least, about a nationality-based ban, but Jimmy Carter imposed a similar ban against immigration from Iran.  I think both bans are morally and legally defective as anything but a temporary measure until more effective vetting procedures than those now in place can be instituted.  If Green Cards are being confiscated from those who have them, that’s not good, either (that’s an example of an ex post facto governmental action, in my opinion).

Avatars Against Trump is a different story, altogether.  Demonizing anyone before he’s actually had an entire month to do anything is wrong.  It’s unlikely to change the person’s behavior and no guarantee that you or your favorite politician’s any better.

One of my favorite Second Life bloggers, unfortunately, is promoting Avatars Against Trump.  I’ve already explained my opposition to parts of the travel ban.  I play in Second Life, however, not to engage politically.  I have good friends in SL who are from places governed by at least one or two people I don’t like.  I don’t bring that up to them, because it doesn’t matter to our Second Lives.

I reluctantly have come to the opinion that Avatars Against Trump is an attempt to hijack MMORPGs in general for a political end I don’t agree with – the demonization of someone who was lawfully elected President of the United States of America.  Its proximate goal appears to be to get what they could not get through legal means – Trump not in the White House.

Sorry, folks, you had your chance last November – and blew it. Try to use my Second Life to make your point, you get muted.  For those of you reading this who are not American citizens, you don’t get a say in my country’s government.  Do me the same courtesy I do you, and withhold comment on a topic you know less about than I do.


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