“Seven Facts About My SL”

This is in response to another blog challenge by Strawberry Singh, “My Seven SL Facts”

Not that you’re getting anything like sensitive info, my RL weight and age, my banking info, any of that. We should both live so long.

Nope, these are facts that may heighten your appreciation of my Second Life presence around you.

  1. My username “angelpatty” is from my persona in Utherverse when I came to SL over five years ago.  My avatar in Utherverse is a Fallen Angel.  Not a woman who sells sex, but an angel cast out of heaven. I was the angel Vepar, patroness of warships, munitions and things too gross to full_on melusinemention here.  Vepar’s one of the few fallen angels who appears as a woman – but unlike those Botticelli angels who made me melt inside at church, she’s… edgy. Vepar shows up as a mermaid, like my persona in Second Life, Patricia, the Melusine Comtesse de Chenier.    Like Vepar, Patricia’s also fond of implements of war and manifests as a mermaid now and then – though not usually with a thunderstorm and fleet of warships at her back. Patricia’s the “kinder, gentler” version of Elder Archangel Patty.
  2.  While I have a Facebook page, I don’t visit it often. My Second Life takes up a great deal of time, as does my RL, so Facebook tends to lose out. Nothing personal, Facebook friends
  3. About the Estate of Chenier – it largely depends on the amount of disposable income I happen to have at the moment.  chenier aerialA lovely lady hosted Chenier Island in Ile de Femme for a glorious year, but like me, she also had a need in RL for the money that kept Ile de Femme‘s 42 sims afloat – so Chenier Island and all but two of the others sank.               I’m optimistic I can improve my finances enough to give us a pied à terre  apart from my landscaped Linden Home.  Snapshot _ Chenier Embassy Patio Park stairs
    Ideally, it’ll be a little island on navigable water, with flyable air over it because we don’t just have beach bunnies in Chenier, we have our share of pilots and sailors. We’ll see what I can do.
  4. While I blog, it’s not about “this is what I’m wearing” unless I really like what I’m wearing for a photo shoot and want to let my friends know about the goodness. I mostly do photo shoots for my Flickr feed. Even that’s not so much a reliable document of my Second Life as a venue for artistic expression.Drow Countess Patricia
    Pulp fiction creeps in now and then…
    cary and patty going all fantasypunk…between shots of the lovely Princesse Fee Cary and me ballroom dancing.
  5. I’m disgusted with everyone in the current US Presidential race, and won’t support any of them – but I’ll denounce the worst of the three evils I see, just as others do. Don’t criticize where I live in RL because “all right-thinking people” do. It’s rude. As Lynyrd Skynrd sang in Sweet Home Alabama, “we all did what we could do….” (and the press ignores massive Federal corruption while concentrating on the weird laws they pass up in Jackson).
  6. While I collect everything from home builds to ballroom dresses and smart couture to boats, planes and the munitions I am patroness of in Utherverse, I’m not such a hot combat RPer. Three gunfights – two draws and one where I went to the pavement full of holes. SL medicine and Firefly/Serenity RP are more my speed.
  7. Once you and I get to know each other, we’ll share stuff like why I’m not in-world more than I am but in general, it’s to do with my health.  I’m working on that, too.

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