Visit to an Airfield Hangar (where a 5/16″spanner was dropped)

Frank Jack Fletcher Airfield just opened recently, and invites went out over SL Aviation Chat to come see it, so I did.  I’m still exploring,so this isn’t a definitive report on what I think is a well-done sim, with period music streaming and nice Pacific island landscapes.

So, Debi Dastardly and Aeon Voom of THI Aviation, please don’t be offended if I laugh a little at one tiny thing:

First, the poster “No Cussing” which forbids the use of those filthy US and British customary units of measurement, including the dreaded inch.

fletcher Airfield_001

Now, stepping inside the airport, let’s take a long, admiring look at two of Aeon’s Bell Airacobras… one in US Army Air Corps livery, one in RAF colors:

fletcher Airfield airacobras

Now, I’m just a girl, but even I know that Bell airframes in World War II used “AN” fittings – all of which were measured in fractions of that naughty inch.

I guess that mechanics in this hangar are supposed to say “Hey, Bud, hand me that socket – the, you know… (voice dropping to a whisper) five-sixteenths.”

Just sayin’


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