The Chenier Embassy Renovation – Work in Progress

While (as some of you readers know) Chenier lost its island when the 42-sim Ile de Femme complex of which it was a part closed (we’ll always have fond memories of it), we still have an Embassy to the Second Life Mainlands, a Linden Home at 153 Ugle Point.

While I’ve had a rooftop park on the building for years (yes, years), and the Hunt of the Unicorn tapestries (a nuptial gift from Anne of Brittany to Louis XII of France, around 1500 AD/CE), I’ve been remiss on improvements or showing the tapestries off to best advantage.

Oblique Shot of Chenier Embassy

I’m in the middle of correcting that, for my own satisfaction and hopefully that of my friends in The Estate of Chenier.

First, I decided to tackle the lack of demarcation between dining space, dance space, and cramped area for viewing the Hunt of the Unicorn tapestries, and the somewhat idiosyncratic sign on the entrance to the building:

New Chenier Embassy Entry Sign and Foyer

Authorized entrants (The Chenier Embassy is a highly secured area with entrance only to those with prior authorization) now arrive at the front doorstep and see a new sign welcoming them to the Embassy in both of Chenier’s official languages, English and French. Opening the door, they immediately see the first tapestry in the Hunt of the Unicorn series, “The Hunters Enter the Woods” on a new partition separating the bar and foyer from the dining area.

The dining area can be reached easily, but those at the table aren’t distracted by traffic at the building entry.  Casual visitors or diners can now see the second tapestry in the series without standing in the stairwell to the second story of the building, and visitors and diners still enjoy views out of the floor-to-ceiling windows surrounding the dining and dance spaces.

New Chenier Embassy Tapestry Wall

The embassy roof park is made on a square plot, not precisely conforming to the layout of the building under it.  It hosts the symbolic oak common to most prior Chenier sims (the term “chenier” means “place of the oak” in French), a breakfast nook near the Chenier national flag, a secluded picnic spot, a park bench and a swimming pool.

Chenier Rmbassy Flag and Park

This layout results in a wide walkway along one side of the part being part of Ugle Point’s Protected Area surrounding the Embassy and other Linden Homes in the area.

Those on this part of the park cannot see those in the rest of the Park and cannot read Nearby Chat messages or hear music, voice or other sounds from inside the bounds of the building. Those of us in the Estate of Chenier part of the park can’t see those people in the walkway or see/hear their conversations, either. This is to allow Chenieriennes and our guests privacy within the Embassy, even on the rooftops (still protected by Land Privacy Options).

Chenier Embassy Ugle Point Park Walkway

To protect Chenieriennes and our neighbors from any awkward situations involving undress in a Moderate sim (since we can and do indulge in nudity within the protected bounds of our building as is allowed in Moderate sims), the walkway is now fenced off from the rest of the park with warning signage on the entrance to the walkway on either side, indicating which parts of the park are Estate of Chenier property and which are part of Ugle Point Protected Land, and warning our members and guests not to venture outside the Estate while nude.

All rooftop space in the Embassy is usable to guests and members and accessible by teleport, but the ‘patio’ on the roof of the ground floor was isolated from the rooftop park except by TP.

Snapshot _ Chenier Embassy Patio Park stairs

A single-prim stair now connects these two areas, so that dances can be held out on the patio (note the Intan dance ball in the skylight) while guests move freely to and from the swimming pool and other amenities in the rooftop park.

While dance space is nice, we’ve got an awful lot of it at the Embassy. Any members of the Estate of Chenier or friends reading this, I’m open to suggestions for how best to use the patio space in the picture. Be nice….

UPDATE: I’ve made extensive changes to the Chenier Embassy since Linden Labs gave Linden Home owners eighty or so more prims.  I’ll write a new entry in this blog about it soon.  Stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “The Chenier Embassy Renovation – Work in Progress

    1. Guess what! Chenier on the water is baaaaaack! Largely due to Linden Labs’ enlightened and sexy policy of doubling Premium members’ tier-free land allocations, which allowed me and two other Chenieriennes to pool our unused land allocations to buy Abandoned Land and make a nice place on the edge of the SL Mainland that sits on sailable water!

      That’s important because several Chenieriennes (including moi) are avid sailors. Now we’re avid sailors with group property we can rez our boats from and get together for apres-sail!


    1. Then my work here (exposing friends to the wonderfulness of the Hunt and Anne of Brittany) is done 🙂

      Orrrrr… is it? You’re a Chenierienne, I think, so you ought to have been able to visit in person = lately, I found it expedient to delete the bamboo grove – we never got so visitor-dense we needed a privacy screen between people on the picnic blanket and people on our garden bench – so I got prims back I can hardly wait to use! (2 or 3, easy!)

      I’m mulling the matter now, so give me an IM if you have something you’d like to see in the Embassy we’re not already offering (say, indoor plumbing).

      Thanks for being a sweet friend!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Haha you are funny Patricia….skip the indoor plumbing! I’m not sure I have a LM to this place, I think I still have the old one… please send me one in world, I will send an IM too in case you don’t see this message.

    If you have some extra space, Chenieriennes who don’t have their own home might welcome a space where they can go to do things like opening shopping boxes and putting together their new outfits in a space with a little more privacy than a sandbox. Which in SL is pretty much the equivalent of having a bathroom, lol. If they are able to join a group that gives them temporary rez rights (just long enough to unpack their shopping finds, for example) this might be a nice amenity to consider providing.

    On the other hand, for the sake of pure silliness, I’ve recently discovered a game table called “Cards Against Humanity.” If you want to know what that is, IM me sometime, we’ll get a third and go play it. It takes 3 to play. It is ridiculously funny, I laughed through the entire game. A fun social get together game for sure. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

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