Whither Project Sansar – Back to Utherverse?

I’ve been hearing disturbing rumors (which I will shamelessly repeat as I hear them) about how Project Sansar’s handling their need to work with an Oculus Rift VR goggle set.

Some background for those of us who have been monogamous Second Lifers – there are other virtual worlds out there:

Brian Shuster, a former Second Life staffer, established Utherverse to compete with Second Life. Utherverse’s leading product is “Red Light Center,” a virtual world whose economy and (intrusive) government center on the marketing and intensive concentration on sex. Prostitution isn’t just tolerated, a fair bit of RLC’s superstructure turns on it – they train and certify “Working Girls” and “Working Guys” (“hookers” and “gigolos” being a little too politically incorrect, I guess). RLC has a monopoly on scripting avatar sex. Only “VIP” members’ avatars may have sex – the same sex acts, anywhere in that virtual world -in Red Light Center. The least expensive VIP membership costs US$20/month.

Utherverse does not yet have the entire, global physical landscapes and seascapes we have in Second Life and other SL viewer-compatible OpenSim grids such as Inworldz.  They’ve been promising that sort of thing to their premium (US$20-$50/month) members for years, and a demo exists for VIP members to play in, but it’s been that long since I left Utherverse as anything but a Basic (free) member, so I don’t know whether they still intend to implement this globally, keep it as a perk for the paying trade, or… view the Oculus Rift venture as a way to get out of that sticky business and still make more money.

The basic Utherverse experience everyone gets is a series of what we in SL would call “skyboxes” connected by teleport links – period.  No geography, no landscape except what you can call up from a prim library, purchase from other players, or make yourself (building there’s a little easier than here, and getting your own private skyboxes to make over to suit yourself is essentially tier-less and incredibly easy and cheap).

Utherverse/Red Light Center is the other virtual world operator that is working to make an Oculus Rift-tailored universe.  The rumors I’m hearing is that Project Sansar in Second Life plans to create a new Second Life essentially like the basic Utherverse experience I just described.  No geography, no “outside world,” just a bunch of skybox-like places connected by teleport links  Now, whether this all-skybox world would be less expensive than Second Life land, I do not know.

I don’t fear change.  However, I don’t want Second Life to turn into Utherverse.  I think that’s a legitimate concern. Other former Utherverse players in Second Life share it.

Now is a better time than later for a conversation between Second Life and its members about that.

My fellow Southern Christian Existentialist Flannery O’Connor said “Everything that rises must converge.”

We ought to let Linden Labs know that not all things that converge rise.

Converging with Utherverse’s model may be technically sweet to get the VR interface workable and easy, but an interface made easy by chopping our world up into two kilometer-long skyboxes hasn’t really appealed to anyone I’ve discussed it with.


7 thoughts on “Whither Project Sansar – Back to Utherverse?

  1. I couldn’t agree more, Patricia. I went into Utherverse just a few times to visit a friend who plays there, and frankly it left me with a greater appreciation for Second Life. Utherverse seemed primitive in comparison, and the lack of seeing actual ground and landscaping made a definite impact. The only way to travel is to teleport. Although admittedly, most of my travel in SL is via teleport, I do enjoy the cross-sim plane and boat rides my pilot friend treats me to, and occasionally cruising along mainland roads in whatever vehicle suits my fancy for the occasion.

    There are certain things I look forward to in the speculations I’ve read about Project Sansar, but the similarity to Utherverse tempers that excitement.

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    1. Flying and sailing are big draws for many of us in SL. So is the relatively libertarian approach to site moderation here in SL. Utherverse raises endless controversy and anxiety over who can wear what where, a question that can lead to one’s account getting suspended or banned if not taken absolutely seriously. Wearing wings in the wrong place is a no-no there, something I have been reminded of by “protectors” (Utherverse’s cops). These people spend a lot more time nagging paying users about their clothing choices than handling griefers.

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  2. Very nice and informative article, Patricia. I know a girl in SL sailing community going by the name of JoyofRLC. I know what it stands for by never dared to ask what it is exactly. Now I’m glad for my self-inflicted ignorance on that point. 😉

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