Gacha on SL Marketplace – Could we be a little more honest, here?

Today I saw a picture of an array of barbecue things on Second Life Marketplace – food, grills, beer in crates, parasols against that summer sun… saw a price of only 75 lindens and thought “YES!” – and I bought one for me and one for a friend.

It turns out that this was a gacha sale, and the only item on sale was the parasol.

(Yes, the vendor did deliver the parasol)

SL Marketplace, when it can be prosecuted for flim-flams (even unwitting ones, such as my ex-wife’s use of templates to make skins which she’d bought on SL Marketplace, but which turned out to be stolen merchandise – so that WE were served with a DMCA notice, and had to pull almost every skin/shape bundle with one of those skins in it off the market) works super-fast to get the offending stuff off their site.

But, they allow what I personally consider a questionable practice, allowing vendors to sell gacha without explicitly saying

“Hey, this is your chance to buy a single object in this picture we’re showing you! How can you pass this up?”

– showing a picture with many items in it:

Bait and Switch on SL Marketplace
The “BBQ Party Picture from { etinceler } store and gacha cafe’s Marketplace site showing a bunch of gacha items, NOT saying which is what they’re selling in that Marketplace ad…

not just the item they’re selling,

which appears in a corner of that picture:

Parasol in corner of BBQ Party image

so that unwary (in my case, just plain careless) shoppers wind up with just that one item in the corner of that picture.

See what I mean?

You really have to look for that parasol, so the idea I took away is:

“Hey, we’re selling a BBQ Party with this nifty parasol in it!”

Foolish of me, but it happened.

There’s no “Two decades into the Millenium SL Marketplace Shopper Protection Act” under which this little bit of economy with the facts can be prosecuted.

And there shouldn’t have to be.

SL Marketplace, when it offers gacha, needs to make sure that the terms of sale and thing being sold are clearly spelled out to people who, like me (I’ve never bought gacha before) are new to the concept.


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