Hello, World! (and, what’s “ars longa, vita secundus” mean, anyway?)

Ars longa, vita secundus is a play on an ancient (attic Greek, originally) aphorism we now remember best from the Latin, ars longa, vita brevis – “art is timeless, life brief” (others may render this differently).

I made a play on words by changing that to ars longa, vita secundus –  “art is timeless, life second” – a reference to Second Life, mostly what this blog’s about.

The original quotation from Hippocrates’ early Greek medical text Aphorismi is more completely rendered into English:

Life is short, and art long, opportunity fleeting, experience perilous, and decision difficult

This blog is only glancingly about medicine in Second Life (though I’ll write about it from time to time here).

How we do things in Second Life – in general is the theme of this blog.

Some of my posts could be about building, they could be about my halting attempts to imitate the practice of medicine, about neat hardware and software I’ve found that make having a Second Life easier and more fun – some posts might even be about what passes for my dress sense (specifically, my four-year odyssey tweaking my shape and how people have reacted to the changes I’ve made).  Some will be about Chenier, a group dedicated to the idea that women aren’t in Second Life to receive passes (or other things) from men in Second Life.

In each of those subjects – and in Second Life and virtual existence in general – life is short (virtual people tend to live oddly compressed lives in which a three-year committed relationship or virtual “marriage” is as rare as a fifteen-year real-life relationship), art long, opportunity fleeting, experience perilous, and decision difficult.

This won’t be a geek blog.  Other people do that very well already.  It’ll be more about how and why we do the things  we do in Second Life – not so much “technology of Second Life,” but “techniques of Second Life”.

Hope to talk to you later!


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